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GUIDE Settings - ITEMS
03-19-2014, 07:10 AM (This post was last modified: 03-19-2014 11:02 PM by Geddys.)
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Settings - ITEMS
[Image: items.png]

Settings specific to items.

Selected - currently selected item in tables below
recycle->XM - enable/disable recycling this item for XM purpose
recycle, drop->SLOT - enable/disable removing this item for inventory slot purpose
use - enable/disable using this item in automated actions.
* for resonators this means using it during deployment/upgrade
* for mods this means using it during portal modify
* for weapons this means using it during auto fire

Ultr - Ultra strike
Res - Resonator
Cube - Power cube
Xmb - XM Burster

VC - Very common
C - Common
LC - Less common
R - Rare
VR - Very rare
ER - Extremely rare

SH - Shield
LA - Link Amp
MH - Multihack
TU - Turret
HS - Heatsink
FA - Force amp

After selecting any item, their total counts should be updated.
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