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03-19-2014, 06:54 AM (This post was last modified: 07-07-2014 05:02 AM by Geddys.)
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Settings - HACKING
[Image: hacking.png]

AUTO HACK - enable/disable auto hacking
* FOREGROUND - See results of hacking
* BACKGROUND - Do not see results of hacking
MIN LEVEL - minimum level of portal to hack
MAX LEVEL - maximum level of portal to hack
FIX GLYPH - Fix solution to Glyph game ( only manual game )
FIX GLYPH TIME - Shorter time in which anwser was provided to game
FIX GLYPH SEQUENCE - Fix glyph solution ( which dots were connected )

Minimum time per game (A)
Minimum time per sequence (B)
Minimum time per dot ©
Random time per dot (D)

Final time is following formula:

A + B * sequences + foreach sequence(dots * C + dots * (0..D))

Glyph game logic is only for regular hacking ( auto hacking does not glyph ).

GLYPH SEQUENCE solution is calculated using screen data. It might not be accurate or not work at all at some devices.
After glyph sequence fixing is on, during glyph game just press anywhere to finish game. You will see on screen results of glyph game after tweaking answer.
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